Vermont Retreats and Meetings

Retreat is defined as “a withdrawal, as from danger; a safe, quiet place; a period of seclusion, esp. for contemplation.” A conference is “a meeting of two or more persons for discussing matters of common concern.”

Successful discussions and contemplation require focus and intent; Vermont has all the attractions your conference or retreat might need, without any of those pesky distractions.

VCB knows Vermont as much as we know conferences and retreats, and we know the most positive and rewarding conferences and retreats are those that allow us to focus our attention, unwind, relax and inspire each other. We also know that no place facilitates that kind of attention like Vermont.

We can help you find the ideal setting and venue to host your next conference or retreat. Our experience and expertise will help you focus your energy so you can get the most out of your event planning, and the most out of Vermont.

Attractions vs. Distractions

It’s there when you want it, but it’s not when you don’t. Vermont has all the things you’re looking for to unwind and enjoy yourself including vibrant night life, unparalleled outdoor recreation, scenic views as far as the eye can see, museums, live music, and so much more; but instead of distracting your guests from the task at hand, you can get your work done first, before venturing out to explore.

Wireless to Every Last Mile

Vermont’s ambitious statewide telecom services have worked tirelessly to bring wireless broadband and cell reception to every last mile of our rural state, and we’re a stone’s throw away from achieving that remarkable goal. We understand that today’s families, businesses, and organizations need to be connected to succeed, and our state has stepped up to the plate to make sure you're succeeding.

Conference and retreat facilities throughout the state are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual, Wi-Fi, IMAG, video-conferencing, and 4G cell reception. Whatever technological bells and whistles you might need, we've got them here to make sure your conference reaches the whole room or across the country, and its full potential.

Breaking Bread

Everyone knows that some of the best conversations, inspirations and ideas to come out of any conference or retreat happen when we’re sharing a meal; the better the food, the more inspired the ideas! Vermont has defined itself as the farm-to-table destination. With a farm around nearly every corner, your event can truly inspire with fresh, local produce, meats, cheeses, bread, beer, and specialty products that truly inspire wonder, incredible work, and full bellies.

If That Weren’t Enough

Vermont’s working landscape is knitted together with rich recreation and attraction opportunities, quaint villages and dynamic cities, rolling hills, babbling brooks, and carefully stewarded forests; all of which is yours to enjoy, and creates a rare and incomparable backdrop to the events that you’re planning. VCB can help you see your event’s true potential, and help you realize it in our backyard.

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