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January 23, 2018

Last week, the Vermont Convention Bureau had the opportunity to work with City Brew Tours and lead some of the Burlington Hotels Sales teams on an informational tour through a few of the breweries  that the fine state of Vermont has to offer. Learning about everything from the background of the brewers and breweries, the beers that made them famous, and the comprehensive tastings, City Brew Tours did a phenomenal job for our event.  

Matt from City Brew Tours picked us up here at the VCB office, and led us on a three stop tour of some of the breweries in the area. Having a knowledgeable tour guide, can often make or break a tour. Matt did not only know his stuff in regards to Vermont beer, he had much information to share regarding the community, city, and all the local attractions that make Burlington great.

Starting at the Switchback brewery in Burlington, Matt had started teaching us about the basics of brewing and what goes into brewing a good beer.

Touring breweriesOur second stop featured Magic Hat Brewery, located in South Burlington, VT. We were able to enjoy a few of their rarest brews, as Matt walked us through the brewery demonstrating how Magic Hat can maintain their position as a leader in the craft beer industry.

Finally, we landed at Goodwater Brewing Company. One of the newer breweries in the area, for a comprehensive tasting as well as a walkthrough of the day to day operations of brewing some of their finest liquids. From, double IPA’s, Octoberfests, Pale Ale’s and Sour beers. We found that learning about what you are drinking can truly help you appreciate the taste and the flavors that pour out of the tap.

Throughout the tour, as we drove from brewery to brewery it was very impressive how much information is conveyed throughout the trip. Matt did a great job relating the history of Burlington to the craft beer movement that has become such a booming industry here in Vermont.  I believe we can speak for the whole crew, by saying everyone learned a lot on the tour, and even though everyone has a different taste in beer, there was something for everyone on this tour.

City Brew Tours offers full day tours, half day tours, as well as rent a guide for a party, meeting, or event. With completely customizable group outings, this could be the perfect event for your next meeting here in Vermont. Being able to accommodate group sizes anywhere from 4-400, City Brew Tours can educate your conference or meeting about the city, community, and the great breweries that are associated with them. Click HERE to find out more about how they can accommodate your group outing!

What better way to learn about an area than through the history of its beer. City Brew Tours does a great job of engaging the community, showcasing all aspects of an area, and teaching their guests everything they need to know about craft beer.

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