Small meetings are

October 30, 2020

Due to travel restrictions and group size limitations, small meetings are fast becoming the dominant in-person event option. In some cases, the only in-person event option. Out of necessity, virtual meetings have exploded in popularity, but most of us yearn for less Zoom time, not more. Hybrid events are now on the rise and are likely here to stay. But they aren’t easy to produce, requiring heavy preparation and AV support which does not come cheap. Further, the technical kinks are still being worked out.

COVID has forced the issue, but small meetings might provide a small silver lining to the current industry challenges. What are most event attendees really looking for? Whether they’re at a meeting, a conference, or a wedding? They’re really looking to make new connections, revisit old relationships, gain understanding or insights and share new experiences. There’s no better context in which to do just that than a small event or meeting.

It’s a classic quantity vs quality scenario. At least for now, oversized events, endless appointment schedules, and fistfuls of generic business cards aren’t happening for your attendees. When you frame it that way, it doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, does it?  Those events will come back at some point, but for now, it’s time to embrace the idea that small is beautiful.

But don’t just “pivot”. Lean into this as an opportunity to craft a more personalized experience for your events. Find a destination that has demonstrated a willingness and ability to handle COVID-19 effectively. Find a destination with venues that can provide intimate and inspiring atmospheres. Find a destination that will let your attendees easily experience the outdoors in all four seasons.

Luckily, we know just the place…      

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