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It’s no surprise that major events of all kinds find their way to Vermont; the state virtually sells itself with its breathtaking scenic beauty, welcoming communities, ease of access, and world-class venues. Vermont is that undeniable and irresistible confluence of all the things you’re looking for in one place, making it the premier destination for corporate, educational, entertainment, or family events.

Vermont is perfect for all the reasons you would expect, and more than a few you wouldn’t – fabulous ski areas, lakes, golf courses, trails, and picturesque landscapes; as well as performance spaces, exposition halls, arenas, theaters, ballrooms, and unique and vibrant venues that pulsate year-round with performing arts, sports, and cultural events.

Your Event Planning Partner

Matching your meeting or event needs to an ideal Vermont location is our specialty. We are passionate about Vermont, premium hospitality, and meetings and events that exceed expectations. Our expertise and enthusiasm to assist you in planning a successful and unforgettable program for your organization is at the ready.

The Vermont Convention Bureau helps to plan and manage state, regional, and national events of all sorts and sizes. When you bring your next event to Vermont, you can capitalize on our history of successfully hosting once-in-a-lifetime events for national and international organizations, as well as our commitment to seeing your unique vision realized.

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