Internet-Based Lodging Study

February 13, 2017

The Vermont Departments of Taxes, Health, and Tourism and Marketing, along with the Division of Fire Safety within the Department of Public Safety, recently submitted to the Legislature, their joint study addressing Airbnb rentals in the State of Vermont. As many of you may recall, the State started collecting a 9 percent Rooms and Meals Tax from Airbnb property renters in October, 2016.

This Internet-Based Lodging Study, pursuant to Sec.J1 of Act 157 of 2016, gathered stakeholder feedback not only from the above-mentioned government departments, but also the public, and several representatives of Vermont’s hospitality industry, including the Vermont Inn & Bed & Breakfast Association.

The findings, conclusions and recommendations of these interested parties have been shared with the House Committees on Commerce and Economic Development and on Ways and Means, and to the Senate Committees on Finance and on Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs.

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