November 25, 2020

This Thanksgiving will be a strange holiday indeed, and certainly not the one we were all hoping for. The challenges of this year and this moment can make gratitude, well, a little challenging. Like several other states, here in Vermont we're not gathering in the traditional way. Out of concern for our family, friends, and neighbors, we'll just be giving thanks within our own households and sharing the holiday with others on phone calls and video chats.

This momentary inability to gather together is a reflection of the challenges 2020 has brought to our industry. The holiday probably won't feel the same without coming together with family and friends. Even when we keep in touch throughout the year, the chance to shake a hand, give a hug or see how much someone has grown up makes a world of difference to all of us. We're social animals. The need to gather and convene runs deep.

But in the midst of everything the year has thrown at us, we’re still grateful for the beauty of Vermont, the change of its seasons, and the people that truly make it what it is, particularly those in our hospitality industry. We're so looking forward to that moment when we can enable gatherings of all shapes and sizes. We have come this far and together we will get there. Regardless of race, religion, denomination, sect, nationality or political party, we’re wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all. We miss you and we can’t wait to see you again.    

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