3 Ways to Sweeten Your Next Meeting

February 28, 2019

Spring in Vermont is a great time to hold a meeting. Take advantage of seasonal savings and some of the sweetest, freshest flavors and activities! 

1. Save. Spring is value many season at many Vermont resorts, inns and hotels. It's also a beautiful time of year to meet in Vermont. You'll find the brightest greens and beautiful blooms add to the already spectacular landscape. Vermont allows your attendees to be distraction free while still being able to connect to all the necessary technology you need for your meetings and events. 

2. Savoir.  Sweeten your menus with the flavors of maple. Your Vermont hotel and resort partners are anxious to show off our natural flavors.  Yogurt parfaits with Vermont Maple Granola are a great addition to a breakfast menu. A drizzle of maple syrup on scallops wrapped in bacon, a fresh garden salad with a maple vinaigrette or caramelized maple brussel sprouts are great ways to enhance your dinner. Simple items like maple & sea salt toasted nuts and maple kettle corn are fun items to add to refreshment breaks.  Maple syrup is a natural sweetener for your coffee or a tasty addition to a specialty craft cocktail. Consider working with your hotel or resort partner to make use of the freshest and sweetest flavors for your program. 

3Explore. Golf, lake cruises, recreation paths, mountain hiking trails, biking, or brewery tours, cheese trails and winery visits. Vermont is exploding with adventures of every level in the spring. 

Submit an RFP for a meeting in Vermont by 3/15/19 and win a sweet gift! 


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